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The driftwood sculptures available through our driftwood shop have been meticulously refurbished by hand to produce stunning  pieces of natural art to enrich any private or public place, both indoors and outside. These sculptures make wonderful gifts.

All the pieces on display here are available to buy now. Click ‘more info‘ for prices and delivery options

The process each sculpture undergoes is described below.


Driftwood Feature

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Amazing Driftwood FeatureFantastic Driftwood Feature

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Superb driftwood sculpture Tangled driftwood sculptureMoosehead Driftwood Sculpture

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Driftwood Olympic Torch 12.2.14_006

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The Process

We carefully select unusual and interesting pieces of driftwood in their raw salt bleached state that have unique interesting shapes and natural characteristics.

We then start our painstaking refurbishing process, of removing all of the dead wood, bark and any loose or damaged pieces, before cleaning the salt bleached surface back, most pieces need at least 2-5 mm removing all over to see what wood we are actually working with and what basic shape remains to then Sculpture.

We then enhance and sympathetically carve each piece to bring out their best characteristics.  Then they are fully oiled, waxed and mounted to enhance your home.

Our unique Driftwood hardwoods are ethically sourced from storm beaches around the World mainly from the South West Pacific, and are then carefully selected by us so that we can create our unique driftwood sculptures.

The woods used include, Rata, Totara, Matai, and Rimu as well as many other exotic rainforest hardwoods.

All of our driftwood sculptures are finished with oils to revitalise the wood, regenerate and enhance the natural graining of each piece which is totally unique and can never be copied. You can enjoy that lovely feeling of owning and appreciating something that no one else has.

Then each piece is wax finished with a light clear citronella wax, so that each driftwood sculpture retains as much of it’s original character and colouring as possible, giving each piece a new life.



Driftwood UK supply sculpture to Alan Tichmarsh’s Love Your Garden TV Show

Driftwood for Love Your Garden

When we were approached by the producers of ITV’s ‘Love Your Garden TV show, we were more than happy to help out.

The show, produced by Spun Gold TV has just started its second series on ITV airing on Tuesday nights at 8pm.

We were approached back in April when the designers and construction team had specified a driftwood sculpture for a garden they were building for a lady whose son is confined to his bed and wheelchair. She would like him to be able to be with her in the garden whilst she works but was unable to take him out because of access problems.

A producer from the show visited our driftwood warehouse in Guildford (Surrey) looking for a  piece that would lie horizontally and be about 1.5 – 2m long.

We had quite a selection that were suitable and he eventually picked out a piece which we happily donated.

The show was aired last night. You can see the driftwood sculpture we supplied laying behind the chairs.

Driftwood donation for Love Your Garden

Driftwood Art And Where To Get Driftwood

Driftwood has many qualities that makes it ideal to work with when creating art.

  • It is natural which ticks the boxes for those wanting to be eco-friendly.Driftwood Harp
  • It is malleable and can be shaped through carving, sanding or cutting
  • It is unique as every piece of driftwood is different in shape, size and colour
  • It is hard wearing as after many months or years floating around in the sea it has become hardened by the salt and is unaffected by the effects of extreme wind, rain or temperature.
  • Each piece will have unique colouring and graining depending on the type of wood it is
  • With very little maintenance, a driftwood sculpture can last a lifetime

But the most attractive quality that driftwood has is that it can be free. That is if you can find it.

Driftwood gets washed up onto the shore in most coastal regions in some degree or other. There are a few areas such as the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island, that get so much of it that it is considered a nuisance by many. Often beaches become so covered by driftwood to make it impossible to walk along.

But on the vast majority of coastlines, driftwood is quite scarce. To find it in any great volume would take a lot of effort. For one, as easily as driftwood is washed up, it can be swept out to sea again on the next tide. You have to be a regular visitor to the coast at the right times to find it. The best times are following high winds and storms. It’s those types of conditions that tend to bring the larger pieces into the shore.

Of course, if you’re looking for driftwood with which to create some art, or just to decorate your home or garden, we have the largest selection of driftwood in the UK.

Browse through our online driftwood shop and driftwood galleries or contact us to arrange to view our stock at our warehouse in Guildford, Surrey.


Driftwood Sculptures

The term sculpture is normally applied to an art form where a sculptor manipulates or carves, welds, molds, casts or assembles a wide variety of materials.

Although this description still applies to driftwood, the term ‘driftwood sculpture’ is also used to describe pieces of wood washed up onto the shores by the rolling waves of the oceans that aren’t changed by human hands.

These pieces of driftwood often stand alone but can be mounted like the examples below to produce stunning features for indoors as well as outside.

Perhaps the term sculpture is used in appreciation of the work carried out by mother nature in producing each piece.

As well as the largest stock of untreated driftwood (as it was when we found it washed up on the shores of New Zealand’s South Island) in the UK, we also have a huge selection of driftwood sculptures.

Again some of these are as we found them but mounted, or simply particularly stunning pieces that we apply the term sculpture to. We also have a large selection of what you would call more traditional sculptures where the driftwood has been meticulously and patiently refurbished by hand to produce absolutely stunning  pieces of natural art that stand out in any private or public place, both inside and out. These sculptures make wonderful gifts, especially 5th wedding anniversary gifts which are traditionally made of wood.

Many of our driftwood sculptures are available to buy directly from our online driftwood shop. Why not have a browse.

Our stock of driftwood is available to view (by appointment) between 9:30 and 5:00 Tuesday to Sunday.

If you have any particular requirements, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.














Driftwood Sculpture - JawsDriftwood Sculpture - Baby Seal Pup










Enormous Driftwood Tree Washed Up

We though that we had some pretty big pieces of driftwood until we saw this piece washed up in 2010 onto the beach in Washington State on the west coast of the US.

At more than 200ft in length and almost 30ft around it’s trunk, we certainly won’t be adding it to our stock.

huge driftwood tree

Driftwood Displays

Driftwood is used in all sorts of ways to help theme an area or as a feature.

We have recently acquired some beautiful driftwood sculptures that were previously used as features in the DNA Nightclub (now called Le Chic).Driftwood Features

Three of the sculptures were attached to the wall behind the bar as shown in this picture. Click on the image to see a larger version where you can get an impression on the size and beauty of the sculptures.

These sculptures are now available to buy either as a set or individually.

Click on the individual images to see the full size versions or click ‘More Info’ for details of size and cost.

Driftwood FeatureBeautiful Driftwood Feature





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Amazing Driftwood FeatureFantastic Driftwood Feature





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Superb driftwood sculpture Tangled driftwood sculptureMoosehead Driftwood Sculpture






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Driftwood Olympic TorchLarge driftwood sculptureDriftwood Harp







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 See the largest piece of driftwood ever washed up







Displays using driftwood

Our driftwood is often used to enhance shop and window displays.

This can be on a rental basis for short-term displays or outright purchase, although feedback from our clients suggests that their customers often ask to buy the display driftwood along with the goods they are displaying.

See how The White Company used our driftwood in their 2013 beachwear display in their flagship store in Chelsea’s Sloane Square.














Here are other examples of how driftwood can be used in shop window displays to great effect.







As the UK’s largest suppliers of driftwood with upwards of 10 tonnes of driftwood in stock at any one time, you can be sure to find some stunning, natural and unique driftwood pieces  for your display.

Contact us for further information.

Driftwooduk supplies Kirstie’s Vintage Home

DriftwoodUK were pleased to be able to supply the makers of Channel 4′s Kirstie’s Vintage Home with some driftwood for their show.

In the series of three episodes Kirstie Allsopp looks to the past for inspiration to rescue homeowners and their unloved and cluttered homes.

By showing families how to ditch their ‘throw out and spend’ ways, Kirstie inspires them to ‘make do and mend’, introducing them, and viewers, to a whole host of new crafts, skills and techniques for interior decoration in the process.

In the picture promoting the new show below, you can just make out the piece of driftwood that we supplied for use as a door handle. We’ve had many curious requests for driftwood but this was one of the most unusual. But if you see the show we’re sure you will agree that it works very well.

As we always say, the uses that can be put to a piece of driftwood are only limited by our imaginations.

Kirstie's Vintage Home - driftwood


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Driftwood – the perfect 5th wedding anniversary gift

The tradition of giving a specific gift on a particular wedding anniversary dates back to the Middle Ages.

The gift theme associated with a couples fifth wedding anniversary is ‘wood’.Horned Mythological Creature

Having a theme to follow is sometimes a help when deciding what to buy your partner, especially if it falls close to other present giving dates such as Christmas and birthdays. But coming up with an original wooden gift isn’t easy.

The one wooden gift that is always unique is a gift of driftwood. With driftwood pieces being used to create  picture and mirror frames, tables, chairs, table lamps and any number of both indoor and outdoor sculptures of all shapes and sizes, there is something to suit any home, garden or patio.

Take a look at our online driftwood shop for ideas on what you could buy for your partner.

Unfortunately we can’t take  a picture of all our pieces, so if you can’t see what you are looking for in our gallery, visit our warehouse near Guildford and you’ll be sure to find what you want amongst the hundreds of driftwood sculptures we have in stock.

Contact us for more information or if you would like to commission us to create you something particular from our driftwood.

Driftwood for Sale

driftwood fish

Our stock of driftwood is regularly being replenished with new deliveries from the South Islands of New Zealand. With the largest selection available in the United Kingdom, you will always be able to find the piece you are looking for.  As driftwood is crafted by nature and not man, you can be sure that the pieces you take away are completely unique.

As a generalisation, we categorise our stock into two types of driftwood sculpture:

  1. Sections of branches, parts of trunks or multiple and single roots that have become separated from trees through natural causes such as landslides, earthquakes and storms and then tossed around in the oceans before being thrown up on the shore. Either self-standing or mounted on stone, the twisted nature of these pieces create eye-catching features in the home, garden or office.
  2. Large driftwood pieces which are too big to mount, can, by their their size and presence alone, make grand focal points in almost any situation you can place them.

Looking for a unique, eco-friendly gift for that someone special that will last forever? Driftwood is your answer.

Visit our driftwood shop where we sell a selection of sculptures that have been stripped by hand, oiled, waxed and then mounted to create beautiful works of art

Browse through our galleries to see examples of driftwood sculptures available from our warehouse near Guildford. With many hundreds of pieces, we couldn’t possible display individual pictures of each sculpture, so if you can’t see what you want in out galleries, visit us by appointment and pick out the sculpture that is right for you.

Garden Driftwood

Driftwood Fence

Driftwood looks more at home in the natural environment of a garden, than anywhere else. With each piece being unique in shape and colour, but entirely natural, with a little imagination, driftwood can light up a garden.

Larger driftwood sculptures can become the centrepiece of a garden feature, or used to grow plants in. Smaller pieces can be used as water features, or simply placed in amongst the bedding plants.

Having already degraded whilst being battered by the ocean waves, driftwood is hard wearing and will outlast any treated wood. Unaffected by the weather, driftwood is as natural a feature as you could add to any garden, requiring no upkeep whatsoever.

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Driftwood for Hire

Driftwood Garden Feature

We at DriftwoodUK are happy to supply driftwood for short term, medium term or long term hire. We have hired out driftwood to places as far afield as Ireland, Germany, Luxemburg and even Jamaica.

Here are some examples of the type of uses to which our driftwood has been put whilst out on hire:

  • The oars for a canoe used in a new product launch for Truvia calorie-free sweetener which took place on the boating lake on top of Oxford Street’s Selfridges store in London
  • To enhance an exhibition stand for a banking software client in Luxembourg
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Driftwood Gifts

Driftwood Table Feature

Coming up with original gift ideas is always difficult. But if you want a totally unique gift for someone special that they will treasure all their lives, then a driftwood sculpture fits the bill perfectly.

Every piece of driftwood is unique

How often can you give a gift that you know is a complete one-off? Not only will the individual sculpture be unique, but there won’t be many people you know who will have any driftwood whatsoever in their house or garden.

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Driftwood Chairs

driftwood chair

Many beautiful works of art have been createdfrom the driftwood we have supplied.

Here is one particular piece of art that merits a mention.

Last year, Matt French visited our driftwood warehouse near Guildford in Surrey and hand picked some 20 odd pieces of driftwood of various shapes and sizes for a chair he was making for the Christmas fair at a local school.

Only a few weeks later Matt sent us this picture.

We don’t think it would look out of place at Hogwarts School.

If you have an idea for a driftwood creation, get in touch. You can either buy the driftwood and make it yourself, or commission us to make it for you. Driftwood furniture is certainly unique and in the right environment can be the focal point of a room.

Visit our online driftwood shop



Aquarium Driftwood

Driftwood Aquarium

Driftwood is often used to enhance an aquarium’s environment.

Here is some advice on how to introduce driftwood to your aquarium:

Before you decide to add any driftwood to your aquarium, you should put in some preparation and thought to bring out the driftwood’s best aesthetic qualities. Natural driftwood structures can make up a large portion of your aquarium, therefore any adjustments need to be thought through as they can cause significant stress to the environment, and if not done well, may entail you having to take the aquarium apart and starting from scratch again.

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Driftwood Exhibitions

Here are some pictures from an exhibition of the driftwood sculptures available through our driftwood shop.

These natural stunningly beautiful sculptures make wonderful gifts, especially 5th wedding anniversary gifts which are traditionally wood.

The refurbished driftwood sculptures which are available through our shop are displayed by Driftwood Sculptures – Nature Reborn at the exhibitions listed below in the Suffolk area.

Our main stock of driftwood can be seen by appointment only from Tue – Sun at our warehouse in Guildford Surrey

Click on the images to see them in their full glory.

Driftwood exhibition Driftwood Art Exhibition





Exhibition of driftwoodExhibition Driftwood Art






Exhibition driftwood sculpturesDriftwood sculpture exhibition




















Upcoming Driftwood Exhibitions

April 22nd – 2nd May, Snape Maltings Exhibition Hall, Snape, Suffolk.

May 4th – 6th May – The Swan Hotel, Market Place, Southwold 10am – 5pm

May 11th – 12th, Southwold Town Hall, High Streey, Southwold.

May 18th – 27th, Suffolk Open Studios Exhibition, Blackthorpe Barns, Rougham, Nr Bury St Edmunds.

May 29th – 30th Suffolk Show, Trinity Park, Ipswich.

June, First Four Weekends – Suffolk Open Studios, come and see us at work in our workshop, with Sculptures on display. Reydon, Southwold. Please call us for details.

June 1st – 2nd June , Southwold Town Hall, High st , Southwold 10am – 5pm

June 14th – 17th June, The Swan Hotel, Market Place, Southwold 10am – 5pm

June, 29th- 30th, 10am- 5pm “Suffolk Artisans” Conservative club hall, (High St, behind Barclays bank), Southwold, Suffolk.

July 6th – 7th Heveningham Hall Country Fair, Heveningham, Suffolk.

July 13th & 14th July – Southwold Town Hall, High St, Southwold 10am – 5pm

July 19th – 25th, 10 AM to 5 PM daily at the Cinema Gallery, Aldeburgh Cinema, 51 High St, Aldeburgh Suffolk.

July 27th – 28th, Holkham Country Fair, Holkham Hall, Norfolk.

August 3rd – 4th August, Southwold Town Hall, Market Place, Southwold.10am – 5pm

August 9th – 12th August, The Swan Hotel, Market Place, Southwold 10am – 5pm

August 30th – 4th September, 10 AM to 5 PM daily at the Cinema Gallery, Aldeburgh Cinema, 51 High St, Aldeburgh Suffolk.

September 6th – 16th September, The Swan Hotel, Market Place, Southold, 10am- 5 pm

September 14th – 15th Suffolk Open Studio, come and see us at work in our workshop, with Sculptures on display. Reydon, Southwold. Please call us for details.

September, 28th-29th, 10am- 5pm “Suffolk Artisans” Conservative club hall, (High St, behind Barclays bank), Southwold, Suffolk.

September 21st – 22nd September – Henham Steam Rally, Southwold – TBC

October 5th – 6th October, Southwold Town Hall, Market Place, Southwold 10am – 5pm

October 7th – 17th, The Workshop, Snape Maltings, Snape, Suffolk. 10am – 5pm

October 26th – 27th October, Southwold Town Hall, Market Place, Southwold 10am-5pm

November 9th – 10th November, The Swan Hotel, Market Place, Southwold 10am -4pm

November, 16th-17th, 10am- 5pm “Suffolk Artisans” Conservative Club hall, (High St, behind Barclays bank), Southwold, Suffolk.

November 22nd – 28th, The Workshop, Snape Maltings, Snape, Suffolk 10am – 4pm

November 30th- 1st December – Southwold Town Hall, Market Place, Southwold 10am -4pm

December 6th – 9th December – The Swan Hotel, Market Place, Southwold 10am- 4pm

December 27th – 2nd Jan 2014, The Workshop, Snape Maltings, Snape, Suffolk 10am – 4pm

Driftwood for Zoos

Driftwood For Zoos

DriftwoodUK has supplied driftwood to a number of Zoos in the past.

Edinburgh Zoo

In 2011 we supplied a number of driftwood pieces for Edinburgh Zoo. The pieces were to help spruce up the penguin enclosure which was undergoing a makeover. The feedback we received from the Zoo was that the penguins were very happy with their new decor.

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