Driftwood Sculptures

The term sculpture is normally applied to an art form where a sculptor manipulates or carves, welds, molds, casts or assembles a wide variety of materials.

Although this description still applies to driftwood, the term ‘driftwood sculpture’ is also used to describe pieces of wood washed up onto the shores by the rolling waves of the oceans that aren’t changed by human hands.

These pieces of driftwood often stand alone but can be mounted like the examples below to produce stunning features for indoors as well as outside.

Perhaps the term sculpture is used in appreciation of the work carried out by mother nature in producing each piece.

As well as the largest stock of untreated driftwood (as it was when we found it washed up on the shores of New Zealand’s South Island) in the UK, we also have a huge selection of driftwood sculptures.

Again some of these are as we found them but mounted, or simply particularly stunning pieces that we apply the term sculpture to. We also have a large selection of what you would call more traditional sculptures where the driftwood has been meticulously and patiently refurbished by hand to produce absolutely stunning  pieces of natural art that stand out in any private or public place, both inside and out. These sculptures make wonderful gifts, especially 5th wedding anniversary gifts which are traditionally made of wood.

Many of our driftwood sculptures are available to buy directly from our online driftwood shop. Why not have a browse.

Our stock of driftwood is available to view (by appointment) between 9:30 and 5:00 Tuesday to Sunday.

If you have any particular requirements, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.














Driftwood Sculpture - JawsDriftwood Sculpture - Baby Seal Pup










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