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Our stock of driftwood is regularly being replenished with new deliveries from the South Islands of New Zealand. With the largest selection available in the United Kingdom, you will always be able to find the piece you are looking for.  As driftwood is crafted by nature and not man, you can be sure that the pieces you take away are completely unique.

As a generalisation, we categorise our stock into two types of driftwood sculpture:

  1. Sections of branches, parts of trunks or multiple and single roots that have become separated from trees through natural causes such as landslides, earthquakes and storms and then tossed around in the oceans before being thrown up on the shore. Either self-standing or mounted on stone, the twisted nature of these pieces create eye-catching features in the home, garden or office.
  2. Large driftwood pieces which are too big to mount, can, by their their size and presence alone, make grand focal points in almost any situation you can place them.

Looking for a unique, eco-friendly gift for that someone special that will last forever? Driftwood is your answer.

Visit our driftwood shop where we sell a selection of sculptures that have been stripped by hand, oiled, waxed and then mounted to create beautiful works of art

Browse through our galleries to see examples of driftwood sculptures available from our warehouse near Guildford. With many hundreds of pieces, we couldn’t possible display individual pictures of each sculpture, so if you can’t see what you want in out galleries, visit us by appointment and pick out the sculpture that is right for you.


  • alyson heath

    I am looking for two pieces of flattish driftwood to hang a felted piece of textiles work from top and bottom. They need to be about 120cms long and about 8cms deep.Can you help me pleae? i live in coventry

    December 3, 2012
  • DriftwoodUK

    Hello. Please use our contact us form for any enquiries. Thanks

    December 10, 2012
  • Sara

    I am loooking for a piece of driftwood, which I am going to use to make a stand base for a half size male tailoring dummy. On the dummy is going to be displayed a pirate costume, and I want the base to be sea themed, and driftwood would work perfectly.. I guess a piece about 6″ and roughly roundish, maybe 3 – 4″ high. A wooden dowl which can be ‘broken down’ can be put in the middle to attatch it to the stand at a correct height. So, just a piece of driftwood :P Thanks

    April 24, 2013
  • Its not simply attractive in show but will let your dear recipient treasure at every point of his life.

    Packing your gifts in baskets doubles the pleasure since many will reuse as
    holders for bread, towels or fruit, or just as an accessory.
    Custom wine labels are an outstanding way so that you can disguise a
    typical bottle of wine and make it something extraordinary.

    July 24, 2013
  • steve hopkins²

    Looking for about 240 branches of driftwood to fabricate partition screens. Need to be about 150cm in length with varying thickness


    November 6, 2013

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